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Blessing the Children provides many ways to get involved, no matter what stage of life you may be in, or what your great passion or skills are.  We love to see people get hands on, and to experience Ethiopia for themselves. Here are just a few ways that you can partner with us!


A little can go a very long way in Ethiopia. Your donations, whether large or small, are all greatly appreciated. You can give as a general donation, or specify what you would like your donation to go towards. Without your generosity, we couldn’t do any of what we have accomplished, nor what we hope to accomplish in the future. Please click on our donate button, select “One Time Gift”, and help us to reach as far as we’re able. Help give the children of Ethiopia a brighter future.
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We have over 200 children in our Life Sponsorship program, waiting for someone like you to sponsor them. When you become a Life Sponsor, you not only help meet the child’s needs and provide them with education, you also help their family survive; providing them with food, the parents with vocational training, and ensuring that they have access to things like healthcare. They also receive a social worker, who visits regularly and becomes an advocate for the family, making sure their needs continue to be met and ensuring we are aware when new needs arise. Sign up to be a sponsor, and give the gift of Life today!
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Blessing the Children offers many opportunities to go to Ethiopia and experience the work that’s being done for yourself. From visiting the child you are a Life Sponsor to, to taking a team to do ministry or help with one of our projects, to coming as an individual, to simply adding us on as part of a trip you’re already taking, the options are nearly boundless! It doesn’t matter what skills you have, what age you are, or your level of experience; we believe that everyone with a willing heart can be of use. Check out our missions page, or our Visit Your Child page, and let us know where your heart is leading you.
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 It takes a lot of year round fundraising to keep a charity going!  Do you have ideas for a fundraiser? Are you passionate about what Blessing the Children does and want to support a specific project? Consider running a fundraiser for Blessing the Children! From bake sales to informational dinners, we are always interested in new ways to support our mission. We also welcome volunteers for our functions. We can always use some extra helping hands! Just contact us and let us know what your ideas are, and we’ll be happy to help you out with informational resources, or send one of our team members to talk about BCC.
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Are you a person of expertise interested in blessing the staff of BCC, helping make them a more effective team or giving back for all the work they’ve done? Consider providing training opportunities! Our teachers, Ethiopian staff, and those associated with our Income for Life Program would love to learn more to benefit the work they do. You can go to Ethiopia and do hands on teaching or run a seminar, or you can sponsor someone to take a course or go to an available training session, or even send our Ethiopian staff to Canada to participate in further training. Let us know what you can offer or who you would be interested in helping, and we’ll be glad to look at the possibilities!
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The power of word of mouth and social media is huge today. Help us get the word out and encourage more people to Visit, and Connect for Life. Share our Facebook page, one of our blog articles, or videos. Tell people your story from when you visited Ethiopia or about the child you are a Life Sponsor to. Share our informational resources, share our website, or arrange for us to come to your church or workplace and present BCC. With every person you tell about Blessing the Children, more children’s lives can be saved. Spread the word and help us to grow our Blessing the Children community!
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