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Changing Trends

Rick and Amanda traveled to Vancouver to join the mission fest where all kinds of organizations are using their skills for the greater good of the Kingdom.  It is very heart warming to see around 175 booths showing their programs and the good that they are doing around the world. The common theme running from start to finish is that the church is moving the East. Many of the major worldwide mission organizations have Southeast Asia presidents or CEO’s, and on their board of directors.
Many of the speakers were non western or were born and educated overseas and have since moved to the west. This is a good testimony to the work of the past generation of missions. They have developed a self sustaining, self propagating church of kingdom mentality. The church is a fluid mobile organism that no other organization can compete with. Other faiths have yet to break out of their homelands.

Other trends:
• The growth of Islam is through birth rate and the growth of Christianity is through conversions, especially indigenous.
• There is a notable increase of woman and children at risk.
• Illiteracy is on the rise
• Destabilization of youth, economically, socially, spiritually and politically
• Note the last three statements are relatedIMG_20150131_130530[1]

What does this mean?
• Should western churches be putting resources into western style church planting or empower the indigenous church to grow and disciple
• Should new missions have the home office in the west?
• Should the western church start Kingdom businesses overseas to fund overseas work? Resources from the west have been declining for years.

A quote from Rick:

“Overall I feel that BCC is moving in the right direction. Our emphasis on enabling the Ethiopian church, providing income generation for our families is a step in the right direction. Our emphasis on empowering our management team in Ethiopia will prove its worth over the coming years.”IMG_20150131_132105[1]