Mission Trips

Our mission at Blessing the Children Canada is to ensure that you and your team have a successful missions trip. Your team will work closely with local churches in Ethiopia, where you will form lasting one-on-one relationships, both socially and spiritually.

Traveling to a third world country is no picnic, but there’s little that compares to the rewarding experience of a mission trip! You’ll return with rich memories of the people, children, and culture, and those memories will be with you for the rest of your life.

At BCC, we believe that if you are willing and able to go, God will use you. If you don’t think you have much to offer, or don’t know your ministry gifts, that’s OK. You’d be surprised at how your very presence is a gift, and guaranteed, you will have an impact on people’s lives just by going and building relationships and showing care towards the people of Ethiopia. Not only will you impact them, but your own life will be transformed in the process. Be prepared to be “ruined for the ordinary”! No matter who you are, what your skills or giftings are, what age or gender, we know you can make a difference!

BCC staff will help you every step of the way, from planning your trip and raising funds, to arriving in Ethiopia and doing ministry, to helping you find a good way to debrief before you head home. Experienced with the culture of Ethiopia, we will serve as your guides – working with you to make your trip rewarding, fruitful, and fulfilling. Since English is taught and spoken at school, in churches, and at the guest houses, you’ll feel right at home. Translators will also accompany you throughout the community and in your ministry endeavours.

We run our missions trips year round, at almost any time most convenient to you and your group. We also offer missions trip opportunities to individuals, allowing you to join a group that is already traveling to Ethiopia, or to have the adventure of a lifetime on your own, working with the Ethiopian and/or Canadian staff from Blessing the Children. Trips can be anywhere from a few weeks, to a few months.

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Here are just a few of the options for Mission and Ministry Trips we offer:


Are you a Youth Pastor, Bible Study Leader, Club Leader, or Teacher? Or do you simply have a large group of friends or family who would like to do a missions trip? We invite you to bring your team to Ethiopia! If your team is planning a missions trip, and you’re a group of ten or more, contact us to set up your group’s mission trip dates. We are able to accommodate groups of any size from ten to over 50! We will help you with ministry ideas, fundraising, and making your budget. We can also handle all of the travel details to ensure you have a safe, rewarding, and effective missions trip. If you want to make the travel arrangements yourself, we’re also happy to give you advice and work around your plans. Contact us about Group Missions>


If you are an individual interested in serving on a mission trip, or if your group size is less than 10 people, we’d be happy to arrange for you to go to Ethiopia. You will typically be paired with other individuals or small groups, so these trips often require minimal planning on your part. You are also welcome to extend your stay from a few weeks up to several months or arrange to stop by as part of an already planned trip to Africa.  Traveling alone or as a small group can be a little overwhelming or scary, but we’ll be there for you every step of the way! We make it easy, and as always will ensure you a safe, secure, and effective mission. Don’t let yourself miss the opportunity for a life-changing adventure as you answer God’s call!
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This trip is geared towards those who are touring countries near Ethiopia, or for those who want some relaxation and sightseeing interspersed with their ministry. If you are doing a Kenyan safari tour, a Holy-Land tour, or a Lalibela, or Gonder historical tour, consider adding us to your trip! Stop by and check out our Academy, encourage Ethiopian churches, see our Income For Life Projects, or visit our Life Sponsored families. You have a choice of staying in a guesthouse, or upgrading to one of the four-star resorts.  We are just an hour away from Addis Ababa International Airport,  so we would be happy to accommodate any length of stay.  We’d also be happy to hire a driver for you! Since an Encore Trip is added into a trip you already planned, the costs vary. We’ll be happy to give you a quote according to your needs and preferences.
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Expectations of our Missionaries

The following are fundamentals held to be essential by Blessing the Children – Canada Inc., and we expect staff, employees and all missionaries to not only to believe in them, but to practice them in daily living:

  • A caring, effective love both of God and humanity
  • A Christ-like unity and acceptance between believers
  • A lifestyle dedicated to God’s will in society
  • A growing, victorious state of mind because of the indwelling Christ
  • A daily affirmation of Christ as Lord
  • A willingness to serve the Lord, even when it means sacrifice
  • A desire to be sensitive to the personal work of the Holy Spirit
  • A working faith in God’s promises for all needs and daily life situations
  • A witness for Christ without hypocrisy
  • A firm, committed desire to be God’s person

 To find out more about the costs of our mission trips, and answers to other frequently asked questions, please see our Mission Trip FAQ.