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Nathanel’s Gift

Nathanel “Nati” Mulugeta is a 13-year-old boy who has been in the BCI program longer than he can remember. He credits BCI for introducing him to his best friend, Surafel Tefera, whom he has grown up with and enjoys playing with. He attends the BCI Academy, where he is a Grade 7 student.

Nati’s mother tragically died during childbirth, and his father abandoned him at birth. Nati has been raised by his older sister who provides for Nati, his brother, and two other sisters. By all accounts, his story is that of a typical Ethiopian orphan, except that beneath his humble exterior, Nati is a young man blessed with extraordinary talent. His name means “God has given”, and it’s quite clear that his ability has been given by God.

Last year, Nati’s talent was discovered during a church service in Debre Zeyit. Talent scouts from the capital city of Addis Ababa were in the audience and heard Nati singing worship songs. They immediately identified his exceptional singing ability and brought him to Addis to film a music video, which is now the 5th most watched video out of 246 videos on the talent scout’s YouTube channel. The video of Nati singing an Ethiopian worship song has garnered more than half a million views and an outpouring of support from viewers.

“This little baby boy has a unique spirit from God.”

“Nathanel has been chosen to do many great things by God.”

“I have two kids. I want them to follow your footsteps. God bless you more and I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Shortly after his video came out, we sat down for an interview with Nati and asked him why he made the video. His response? “God helped me.” While his favorite subject at school is geography, Nati dreams of becoming a professional singer when he grows up and praising God through music.

Nati receives excellent marks at school, and when he is not attending school or church, he is helping his siblings by performing chores at home. His favorite food is Shiro, a stew made of chickpeas, onions, and garlic. He looks forward to eating his favorite meal once a week.

When asked “how do you know you are a Christian?”, Nati responded in his typical matter-of-fact style: “Because I am Jesus Christ’s son.”

We lost count of the number of viewers who commented on how blessed Nati is, and what a blessing it was to listen to his song. Praise God for using this young man to reach so many
people. His heart burns for Jesus and this shines through his
music. We could not be more proud of Nati and awed by
God’s hand in his life.

We invite you to check out Nati’s music video and be blessed:


Library Labours for BCI Academy

Our Encyclopedias!
Our Encyclopedias!

Have you ever wondered what use libraries are now that we have internet, e-books, computers, tablets, cell phones and numerous other ways of receiving data?  Well, they may not be in vogue here in Canada, but we sure have need for them in the third world!

Mountains of work!
Mountains of work!

BCI Academy is one of the only schools in Debre Zeyit to have encyclopedias.  We are grateful to the many generous donors who gave books, time, money and manpower to pack up the books, get them shipped, meet the pallet in Ethiopia, help books to arrive at the school, unpack the books, catalogue the books and label them, get the books on the shelves in proper sections, and then got to experience the excitement of the children who anxiously awaited the time they could use the books.

Anxiously awaiting their books

These books will help the students at BCI Academy be able to do research, practice their English, learn responsibility, and have their world enlightened and broadened.  We also have a new librarian who is working very hard to get everything ready!  We are excited to be able to share the world of books with the children.  Thank you again for your part in making this happen.

Choral-ed Questions

Have you ever wondered when you plan an event whether  it will be successful, or be a complete flop?  Have you found yourself wide awake for half the night as you fret over every detail?  Did you wonder if people will even bother to show up?  Did you wonder if they will really give to the project that you have given your heart and soul to?  How do you pass on the belief that it is possible to change a child’s life, and it really takes very little to do so?  These are the questions I ask my self every time we undertake helping with an event!
This time it is so cool that others are sharing this burden with us.  We have had an entire team of fund raisers who have been helping us out.  Thanks to their help, the Master’s Singers will be coming to sing at the Community Center in Claresholm.  These men have traveled 1.5 – 2 hours to be able to share their gift of music.  We look forward to hearing their free presentation, and to seeing how God will use this event to provide funding for the children in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia!  May God bless these men who give of their time and talent to help others out!