History of BCC


During BCI’s first few years, they focused on partnering with like-minded ministries to increase their effectiveness and assist them in program development and implementation. They worked with over 30 nonprofit organizations in America, Central America, and Africa – these partnerships largely composed of measuring, documenting, and communicating the results of their ministries to their donors. As the organization grew, they eventually settled on a focus for their work in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia. It is from the foundation of BCI that BCC was born and grew into what it is today. Even now, BCC works closely with its sister organization, BCI.

January 2001

BCI joins a partner ministry in El Salvador, to improve donor communications through regular mailings and a published monthly newsletter.

March 2002

BCI began managing a missionary sponsorship program for a partner ministry in Ethiopia, Africa, and developed a report collection system to keep sponsors informed of their missionary’s progress. BCI also worked with the ministry in publications and a monthly newsletter.

November 2003

BCI invited to help a partner ministry develop a plan for sponsoring and planting 1,000 new churches in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region of Ethiopia, Africa. Previously, only seven churches existed in the entire region of almost a million people.

January 2004

BCI launches the Ethiopian Call Ministry through a partner ministry, planting 1,000 new churches in the remote villages of Ethiopia, over the next two years. BCI fully managed all aspects of the program; missionary deployment, tracking, and data collection for communications to more than 1,500 donors. The one thousandth church was planted September 15th, 2006.

January 2006

BCI launched the Kamashi Orphanage & School in a remote area of Benishangul Gumuz, Ethiopia, at the president’s request. The Kamashi Orphanage is a 500-bed facility built by the government in 2003, but sat empty for three years due to the government having no operational budget. The orphanage was given to BCI free of charge and we received out first 38 children in January, 2006.

April 2006

The first team visits the Kamashi Orphanage & School. BCI begins recruiting and hosting mission trips to Ethiopia.

May 2006

BCI receives 70 new orphaned children into the Kamashi Orphanage, bringing our total to 140.

August 2006

BCI launches a short-tern missionary program, whereby volunteers from American and abroad are able to serve in the Kamashi Orphanage. In the same month, the first two short-term missionaries arrive.

March 2007

BCI announces it will begin receiving infants in cooperation with an adoption agency based out of Florida, to adopt children to good homes in America. First ten infants received September, 2007.

October 2007

BCI announces plans to start a ministry in the Debre Zeyit area of Ethiopia. The Adana Children Centre will be a school, community center and foster care program. The word ‘Adana’ means ‘Rescue’ in the Amharic language, the national language of Ethiopia.

January 2008

BCI launches the program in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia, whereby over the next five years, 600 orphaned children will be rescued and provided wholesome families to care for them as their own children.

April 2008

BCI consolidates its ministries in Ethiopia to the Debre Zeyit location, ceasing the work in Kamashi.

November 2008

BCI breaks ground for the construction of the Adana Children Center in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia. Along with a community center, it will also serve as a school, BCI Academy.

September 2009

BCI completes phase-one construction of BCI Academy, opening grades one through four on September 21st, 2009.

November 2009

Blessing the Children featured in an article on Wikipedia


BCC began after Rick and Sheila Lamb traveled to Ethiopia with BCI and both were inspired to begin the Canadian chapter of Blessing the Children. With their vision firmly in hand and a little help from BCI, they were able to begin Blessing the Children Canada-Inc, and have spent the last few years working alongside their sister organization to bring Life to the widows, orphans, and impoverished families of Bishoftu, Ethiopia.

December 2009

Blessing the Children announces the establishment of Canadian offices, incorporated as a charitable organization

January 2010

Blessing the Children – Canada Inc. begins operations and supports BCI's ministry projects in Ethiopia. Establishment of BCC's board and policies. Granted Charitable Status.


First Canadian ministry team heads to Ethiopia. They help with construction on the Academy, do medical check-ups on the children and participate in home visits, as well as run a photography class.

June 2012

BCC buys a school bus for the academy.

September 2013

Nursery care and kindergarten classes open up at BCI Academy.

June 2013

Blessing the Children Development Organization (BCDO) is licensed, giving us more opportunity for job creation and future income generation projects. BCC is granted NGO status.

September 2014

525 students enrolled in BCI Academy, nursery through grade 8.

October 2014

The Loom Project starts with 20 moms in training. Night school starts with grades one and two, about 17 adults and 6 older, working children enrolled. Some are from community families and some are from families in our program.

January 2015

Container sent in 2014 arrives in Ethiopia. It is filled with donated and purchased items for the Academy.

May 2015

BCC launches its new website.