Blessing the Children as a whole is dedicated to good stewardship of our money and your donations, as well as openness about how they are being used. We encourage you to always feel free to contact us with any questions and assure you that we will do our best to give you the answers you seek.

Blessing the Children Canada has sought to keep a very low overhead so that your donations can go directly towards what you desire it to, rather than having a percentage taken for administrative expenses. Much of the administrative expenses we do incur are raised separately through fundraising events run by our board and supporters, so the money you donate goes to the people of Ethiopia and the specific cause you allotted it for.

All of our board members have experienced Ethiopia firsthand and seen the conditions the children and their families live in. They are all Life Sponsors to at least one child, and every time they visit Ethiopia they are treated as any other BCC missionary in regards to costs and fundraising requirements.  None of our board members are paid by Blessing the Children or receive any remuneration of any kind. They are all volunteers dedicated to the vision of Blessing the Children.

Our office is run out of the home, so there is no rent to be paid and office costs are minimal.

Below you will find our registered charity number and the link to the CRA website. If you are interested in seeing any financial records, they are available upon request.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and donors. Without your support, we would be unable to accomplish any of what we have, and a great hope and future would be lost for many of the orphans and widows of Bishoftu. Words cannot describe our gratefulness for each one of you, no matter what part you have played in our work. May God bless you as abundantly as your support has blessed us.


-Blessing the Children Canada – Inc.


Registered Charity Number

Charity Number: 835486853RR0001

CRA Website Profile: Blessing the Children Canada - Inc.