Choral-ed Questions

Have you ever wondered when you plan an event whether  it will be successful, or be a complete flop?  Have you found yourself wide awake for half the night as you fret over every detail?  Did you wonder if people will even bother to show up?  Did you wonder if they will really give to the project that you have given your heart and soul to?  How do you pass on the belief that it is possible to change a child’s life, and it really takes very little to do so?  These are the questions I ask my self every time we undertake helping with an event!
This time it is so cool that others are sharing this burden with us.  We have had an entire team of fund raisers who have been helping us out.  Thanks to their help, the Master’s Singers will be coming to sing at the Community Center in Claresholm.  These men have traveled 1.5 – 2 hours to be able to share their gift of music.  We look forward to hearing their free presentation, and to seeing how God will use this event to provide funding for the children in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia!  May God bless these men who give of their time and talent to help others out!