Visit Your Child

One of the passions of Blessing the Children is for life sponsors and children to connect.  We at the office try to paint a picture for you of your child’s life but nothing speaks louder than to see the situation first hand.  It doesn’t take long once the child enters our program for the change to take place.

We encourage life sponsors to spend time with your child at their home, in a restaurant, taking them shopping, at school or helping them with their chores. What we want is for you to understand the life that they are living and how you can encourage and help them. One of our greatest privileges is to see them come to Jesus!

On your trip, you can choose to stay at our western style guesthouse with modern conveniences or if you would rather have a vacation we can make arrangements with one of the local hotels or resorts to accommodate you. Prices vary according to your wishes.

Come and connect with your child and we are sure you will have a life changing experience!