Income for Life Program

What is Income for Life?

Our goal for every one of the families in our community is to break them free of poverty, and to enable and empower them to be able to care for themselves and meet their own goals and dreams. In order for this self-sustainability to be achieved, caregivers in our Life Sponsored families are immediately enrolled in our Income for Life program. Income for Life is an income generating and micro-finance program that gives participants vocational training, business management training, and small loans to get their own home businesses off the ground. This not only gives them a sustainable way to provide for themselves and their families in the future, but it also restores dignity, value, and hope, and helps boost the economy of the community.

What programs does Income for Life currently offer?


In the summer of 2014 our proposal to the Ethiopian government was accepted and we were granted permission to establish a loom business.  As of 2015, we have had 23 parents graduate from loom training under the watchful eye of a professional loom instructor. The government has since recognized the program and has given the ladies a compound in Debre Zeyit to establish the business in.  We are quite excited about the success of this program and will continue to pour what resources we can into it until it is a fully established, self sustaining, and growing business.
For more information on our Loom Project and the women involved, please visit our Loom Project page.


Another income generating project our families can participate in is our spice making business. Currently we have several moms involved in spice businesses. Seed money for the business gets them the herbs and other components necessary, then they dry them, grind them, and create popular spice mixes like berbere and mitmita. These spices then sell for a profit that not only gives income, but allows for the purchase of the next supply of ingredients. Well made spices are in high demand in Ethiopia, and although the business can be time consuming, it is often very lucrative and easy to run straight from a person’s home. With the necessary seed money and business training, our spice businesses can grow quickly to meet the demand in Debre Zeyit.
For more information on our spice businesses
or to find out how you can help, please contact us.


What does the future look like for Income for Life?


We are currently looking into starting a Beekeeping Project. Not only is this a good sustainable source of business as well as a source of healthy products for the community, but it would also help agriculture in the area.
If you are interested in providing training, consultation, tools and supplies, or donating towards this project, please contact us.


We are looking forward to being able to do more food related businesses. Food is a very important part of Ethiopian culture, and Ethiopia’s lifestyle. From cooking and selling injera to catering businesses, food is always going to be in demand and can provide a steady income. We have one mom already who has successfully created an injera business, and we have great hopes for many more to do the same.
If you would like more information about the initial costs of tools and supplies for a family to begin one of these businesses,
please contact us.


We hope to start some more agricultural business. Even personal garden plots can be an excellent source of income for a family, as well as provide sustainable and nutritious food sources. The climate of Ethiopia is ideal for many agricultural crops and provides a long growing season. Larger agricultural businesses can also provide future jobs for our Life Sponsored children who are interested in learning trades, such as mechanics.
If you are interested in providing training, consultation, tools and supplies, or donating towards this future project,
please contact us.