BCI Academy

Seeing the need for quality education we started construction of the school in January 2009.  Our short term missionaries assisted in building the school until it was completed in the fall of 2013.  The school was constructed in three phases as money permitted. The one story u shaped building is constructed of cement and brick.  The electricity was brought in early 2014.  To date there needs to be some minor finishing in the bathrooms, cafeteria and science room.  We have figured out that a school in never finished!


In the fall of 2013 we opened our doors to the nursery-kindergarten program that is housed in a separate building due to government regulations.  God provided a building outside the back gate of BCI Academy.  Children start the nursery program around age 4 and also complete two levels of Kg before starting Grade 1.  This is an attempt to give them good basic grounding before they start into school.DSCF5400

We have 101 children currently enrolled in our nursery-KG program. This is a typical program in the government schools at well as the private schools.  We have noticed that students coming from our KG program enter with a higher standard than those coming from other schools.

BCI Academy houses 382 students from Grade 1-8; who consist of some sponsorship program children and community children.  The community children pay school fees to come to the school while the sponsored children fees are paid through their sponsors.  Thank you to all the sponsors!  Our class size is approximately half the size of the government school.  Our intention is to try and keep it minimal.
All of our school staff are Ethiopian University graduates that hold either diplomas or degrees in Education.  We have approximately 25 staff members.  We would love to have a staff room for our teachers asIMG_9870 we think they deserve to have a comfortable place to relax!

Our school has been developing its library/multi media room over the last few years and we are excited to be the first school to let children check out library books!

Canon broken 348 - Copy - Copy  This is a new concept in Ethiopia.  We also have a computer lab which started in 2015 and students are learning computer skills.  The one thing the school lacks for now is a proper science lab and that will be the next project that is taken on.
Our future vision is to continue with a grade 9 class as room permits; growing into a high school program eventually.
If you would like to donate to the staff room, science lab or the cafeteria please use the donate now button.


It’s our goal to produce the best-educated young adults possible, and to send them forth into the world with purpose and a challenge to make a difference in their country.

Teachers and staff pour themselves into these previously hopeless lives, while pointing the children to Jesus all the while. The students are transformed into dedicated, hope-filled, contributing members of society – fully equipped to fulfill their God-given destiny.