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Since Blessing the Children was founded in 2009, the Lord has blessed this organization by entrusting us with children. The first step was that of allowing a sponsorship-based program to be developed. The next step was that of Blessing the Children International, also known as BCI Academy which is an umbrella term for two schools: DZ Campus (pictured left) and Bethlehem School. In 2013 we received access to a building right by DZ Campus. This building was transformed into a pre-school and kindergarten. We were ecstatic to find something so close to the DZ Campus! In the fall of 2017, we were given the responsibility of yet another school, already developed and functioning, entitled Bethlehem school. Education is a passion where, over time, we trust that we will see bright young children escaping the grasp of poverty! For more information check out the links that are unique to each school. We look forward to seeing how God will further develop our passion for the education of Ethiopian children in the future!

DZ Campus Link          Bethlehem School Link


Young Life

We are excited to share with you that we have partnered with Young Life located in Bishoftu, formerly known as Debre Zeit! The spiritual growth of kids is very important to us, but we also know that getting the gospel out has not been one of our strengths. So, we found someone where this is their passion and strength! We and the children of our schools have been greatly affected because of the work of Young Life Ethiopia! For more information on our relationship with Young life, click on this link: Young Life Partnership. For more information on Young Life Africa, click on the link below to visit their webpage!

Young Life

Children too young for School

In working with children, there are also those that are too young for school. In this event, the sponsorship money received does not go towards their education but rather aids the family in the unique necessities of life for one so young. This could include milk, extra food money for protein, and clothing due to their fast growing!

Young Children

Loom Project

The Loom Project was designed to make an income for the mothers of our sponsorship children. A large majority of any weaving materials in Ethiopia are imported. As a result, we created a program that would allow moms to make an income so they could support their own families. For more information, check out the Loom project link below.

Loom Project



As the Lord has guided us through the joy of supporting children and families we are continually asking ourselves whether these programs are sustainable, have an effect on poverty for the better, and can we see improvement in the lives of individuals? With these questions in mind, may the Lord diversify our projects as needed within the country of Ethiopia.