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Our BCI Academy provides high quality education to both our Life Sponsored children, and other children in the local community. Our comprehensive classes include classes in English and computer classes, ensuring our graduates have their best chance at continuing their education or finding employment. Currently our school offers classes from grades 1 – 9. To find out more about BCI Academy, visit the BCI Academy page.

Technical School
Blessing the Children has been in the process of applying for land to build a BCI Academy High School for a couple years now. Unfortunately, our lack of progress in our government applications have forced us to take a new look at the possibilities and needs for our community in regards to education beyond grades 1-9. However, this did bring to our attention to an even greater need in the community. In Ethiopia, it is very difficult to gain experience and education in trade skills, with extremely few technical schools in existence. Most learn trades from their family or friends, so if there is a trade that an individual takes interest in that is not practiced by people they know, it’s nearly impossible to find opportunity to learn it. A technical school for new graduates interested in trades or graduates who did not make the score necessary for university will ensure that everyone has a chance to learn a useful skill and trade, and will provide both livelihoods for those who can’t continue in academics, and will provide much needed skilled tradesmen and women. Find out more about how we are trying to make this happen.

Income for Life

Clean Water