Fun Links

Take a look at a video of traffic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!

Meskel Square is a very large square where festivals and other activities are often held. Even though it’s a very large and busy intersection, there are no traffic lights! In fact, there’s only one set of traffic lights in the entire city of 3.8 million people! Ironically, they’re right in front of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation.
I know I’d never want to try to learn to drive in this controlled chaos, but it seems to work for them! – Well… most of the time.


Interested in learning to cook Ethiopian food? Or want to learn more about what Ethiopian food is like or the common ingredients they use?

Here’s a great site!
How-To-Cook-Great-Ethiopian-Food-Header_01They have videos showing how to make the most common Ethiopian foods (and a few special ones), as well as explanations of Amharic food terminology and common customs regarding food. Many of the videos are in Amharic, but they have english translations or notes that scroll along the bottom or appear periodically through the video. We’ve tried a few of the recipes, and they’re spot on!