Our Staff

  • Tadesse Gabreyes, National Director, Ethiopia
    gabreyes-tadesseTadesse has a degree and over seven years of experience in pastoral leadership, and now uses these passions and skills to lead the Ethiopian team as they change lives both physically and spiritually. Just as his name means “renewed”, Tadesse finds joy and fulfillment in serving and equipping the next generation of Ethiopian leaders, renewing their hope for a bright future. Since joining the team at the beginning of Blessing the Children’s work in Debre Zeyit, Tadesse says he has learned so many valuable lessons by working with devoted brothers and sisters across the world. When this busy man gets a little time off, Tadesse loves to read and spend time with his wife and daughter.
  • Mulugeta Gizaw, Director of Education, Ethiopia
    gizaw-mulugetaMulugeta grew up to be just like his math-teacher role model, having completed his first bachelor’s degree in mathematics and then pursuing a complimentary diploma in school administration, and has now taught for more than twenty years. Perfect for involvement with an elementary school, Mulugeta is exactly the type of man who loves to tell stories and can captivate an audience for hours as he shares his life experiences with children for the edification of the next generation. Mulugeta has been sharing his wisdom with BCI Academy staff and students alike since September of 2009. Mulugeta’s favorite foods are milk, bread, doro wat and kitifo, and his wife and daughters have been known to make the best macchiato in Debre Zeyit.
  • Furtuna Tadesse, Assistant Principal, Ethiopia
    tadesse-furtunaFurtuna is a vibrant and driven young woman with a diploma in Natural Science and experience as a teacher and administrator, and she values education and hard work. Furtuna says that teaching is essential to learning, which is essential to success, and she loves to teach children towards this end. In addition to classroom time with the children, Furtuna also invests in the other teachers, helping them to succeed as well. Her warm disposition and firm guidance make Furtuna the best at this job. When she’s not teaching children or mentoring teachers, Furtuna can be found listening to Amharic music, keeping herself up to date on the world’s current events, or just spending time with her husband.
  • Endale Hode, Director of School Administration, Ethiopia
    hode-endaleEndale well fits the holistic focus of Blessing the Children through his practical administrative and accounting experience of over twenty years, his love for God, and his desire to share the good news of the Bible with Ethiopia’s next generation. In addition to his Accounting Advance Certificate, he is presently a fourth year theology degree student. One of Endale’s favorite things about working with Blessing the Children since the fall of 2009, is that he has had many opportunities to make a difference in the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual lives of underprivileged children. Whenever he has a little time to spare, Endale can be found with a newspaper, a Bible, or a table tennis paddle in hand.
  • Kelkias Yidnekachew, Director of Teams, Ethiopia
    yidnekachew-kelkiasKelkias is a new addition to the Blessing the Children team, as of September 2012, and has already been showing his youthful energy as he helps missionaries to maximize their impact. Having just returned from a couple years of Business Administration education in the United States, Kelkias is the perfect candidate to help missionaries adjust to a new culture. Kelkias has given his life to helping Ethiopia’s forsaken and forgotten as a response to the help he once received as a youth. Now his life revolves around making a difference in the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. Kelkias’ favorite song is “Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns, revealing his drive to continue onward in a life of worship and impact in spite all of the storms he encounters.
  • Betelhem (Betty) Asrat, BCDO Secretary, Ethiopia
    asrat-betelhemFrom one of the first Blessing the Children partner churches, Betty has been serving Ethiopia’s children since March of 2008. Her Marketing and Management diploma has been a wonderful asset in this ministry. She is always interacting with people, and she is gifted as a leader. Betty loves going out with friends or just staying home with her husband.
  • Yegilwork (Goldy) Abdulkadir, Misgana Church Social Worker, Ethiopia
    abdulkadir-yegilworkGoldy got her nickname from the English translation of her given name, which means “personal gold”, and she certainly has been a treasure to Blessing the Children! Since early 2008, Goldy has been using her diploma in social work to grow and develop the child sponsorship program in her church and community. Her favorite part about this job is the knowledge that she is helping to make a significant impact on the lives of orphaned and underprivileged children.
  • Getu Belay, Emmanuel Church Social Worker, Ethiopia
    belay-getuEven though he has an education in business management and religious studies, Getu has spent much of his life playing with children, either as a staff member or a volunteer for various organizations. It is quite clear that he genuinely cares about children, so it is no surprise that his favorite part of his job as a Blessing the Children social worker is making home visits and playing on activity day. Getu says that the reason he works with such passion and devotion is this: “to be change [in] their life, to make a difference and create a spiritual[ly] sound generation”. If you’re looking for Getu, try Emmanuel Church or one of the many Blessing the Children foster homes; you’ll almost always find Getu with children—even on his day off!
  • Tigist Abdissa, Lemlem Mekena Yesus Church Social Worker, Ethiopia
    abdissa-tigistTigist is a vibrant and sparkling personality! The newest social worker from our newest partner church, Tigist displays extraordinary talents in working with children and in making visitors to her church and Blessing the Children foster homes feel comfortable. Tigist loves listening to Amharic songs by David and Tamerat, watching movies with friends, and praying in the stillness beside one of many nearby lakes.
  • Meron Mule, Zion Church Social Worker, Ethiopia
    meron-muleMeron has been working for BCDO for one year and she attends Meserete Kristos Church downtown. Her favorite part of the bible is Job 1:21-22 which says “…’Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.’ In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.” While not at work, she enjoys reading the bible and searching the internet. She came to BCDO for work and her favorite part about it is helping orphan children.
  • Dawit Moges, Director of Blessing the Children Development Organization
    Dawit is BCDO’s Director and he is a charismatic leader with vast experience in both the government and private sector, which makes him uniquely suited to lead the organization to achieve its vision. Having a modest upbringing with a very low income family, he himself was able to go to school because of a child sponsorship program. To this day he remembers his Swedish sponsor who helped him to be the man he is today. Now it is his vision to support children who are in a position just like he was in when he was growing up. In addition to his vast experience and modest upbringing, he is also a loving husband and father who enjoys spending his spare time at home with his family. His favorite scripture is Ephesians 2:11 which states “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”
  • Abera Tirore, Accountant, Blessing the Children Development Organizaiton, Ethiopia,
    Abera has worked with BCDO as the accountant for the past ten months. He attends Kale Hiwot Church near Koriftu. His favorite scripture is anything about peace and happiness. He likes that he is working in his profession and he gets to manage the finances of the ministry. When he’s not at the office, he is helping his family and enjoying time with them. A fact no one else knows about him he says is that he does not like talking more.