IMG_9837The cross-cultural mission movement of the past 60 years has been a huge success. Virtually all of Africa  has a local indigenous church, led by nationals. This church is most often an open church, however in a few places it may be underground.

We at BCC want to capitalize on this success by empowering the nationals to reach their full potential. Blessing the Children Development Organization is a non-government organization, fully licensed by the Ethiopian government that is staffed only with Ethiopians. If our God has enough confidence in their abilities to grow and disciple His church, then BCC should have confidence as we assist them in looking after their widows and orphans. If the western church can assist them in this duty, they are then able to spend their limited  resources to grow their church.

Our Ethiopian staff come to us from the local national churches. In doing this , we save many of the common stresses of unknowingly bringing in the western culture or the “western gospel” into their context.

It is common for Ethiopian families to bring in other children, usually nieces or nephews, sometimes  strangers children. BCDO, with the help of BCC, is using this normal culturally accepted practice, to support these families and children. These orphaned children or disadvantaged families can come to our partnering churches  and  be supported from the local church. In so doing, families remain intact, the church grows, orphans are cared for by local church foster homes, keeping everyone engaged in their own culture and language.

BCC is always asking these questions:

Is this sustainable?

How can Ethiopian management be maximized or incorporated into this project?

In 50 years, will this project still be relevant?

How can BCC connect this project or staff or child to a Canadian Christian or business for mutual benefit?

BCC wants to Transform, not Transact.