About Us

Blessing the Children Canada is a non-denominational evangelical Christian organization that has been providing holistic care to the orphaned and impoverished children of Bishoftu, Ethiopia. We assist our  Ethiopian management in providing business training, medical access, and education to the families. Blessing the Children was granted charitable status in Canada in 2010 and has been working alongside our sister organization* in the USA ever since.

*Blessing the Children Canada (BCC) exists for the sole purpose of resourcing Blessing the Children Development Organization in Ethiopia (BCDO) towards their three-fold purpose:

  1. Sponsorship of Ethiopia’s Children
  2. The education of Children
  3. Being National (Ethiopian) Driven

Resourcing BCDO may take different forms including, but not limited to, finances, personnel, on- or off-site training, literary works, and consultations. All BCC vision-casting, decisions, and actions will be made for the benefit of BCDO and in the interest of its two-fold purpose.

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We are involved in many ministries and projects in Ethiopia. Here is a brief summary of just a few of the things we do here at Blessing the Children.


Our Life Sponsorship program delivers comprehensive care to orphaned and impoverished children; providing grain support, high-quality education, medical support, home support, and spiritual support.  We are also working hard to break the cycle of poverty in our families by teaching them skills that will help our families become sustainable and give them hope and courage to face their tomorrows.


Blessing the Children Academy schools, are located in the town of Bishoftu.   Currently, two schools- DZ Campus and Bethlehem School teach kindergarten through grade 10.  We provide high-quality education, including curriculum that teaches computer basics, and using up to date resources. The Life Sponsored children that are within proximity attend our schools, as well as community children who can afford to pay for their education.  Our teachers all hold degrees and desire to promote growth and knowledge in each child.  Our future hope is to build a high school so that the quality of education can continue.


Our Income for Life project is designed to help parents gain a sustainable income. They are taught skills relating to a particular business, then sell the products to support their families.  Currently, we have a graduating class of 23 parents who are now proficient in loom weaving and can begin to make scarves, tablecloths and curtains to sell. Our future endeavors include agriculture projects and training in the foodservice industry.


Through our Water Project, we are providing life-saving clean water and essential health and hygiene training to the families in our area. One of the most recent ways we will be able to accomplish this is by the introduction of Samaritan’s Purse’s design for biosand filters. As of this summer, we will have installed the first of these biosand filters, providing accessible clean water for the area. It is our hope that one day every one of our families will have their own biosand filter installed in their homes.